About us

We are a young global company with a balanced team of principals who have over 100 years of collective experience, in the field of project management. We have worked across many industries, in more than 80 countries. All of us have a proven and successful track record in the delivery of multi million dollar projects, and the turnaround of troubled projects and programs.

Over the years evidence shows that the same mistakes are repeated when delivering projects. We have therefore brought our combined experience, to help you prevent issues and put challenging projects back on track rapidly.

In addition RPR works with selected associates to ensure that our information is current, of the highest quality and reflects relevant best practices.

Barbara Wong, MBA, PMP

Barbara is an independent trainer, and specialist in the identification and development of business process improvement methodologies for entrepreneurs and businesses. Barbara served on the Board of PMI as a Director and a member of the Institute’s Performance Oversight Committee. She develops and delivers practitioner and Executive level training in Project Management.

She is a regular speaker at conferences including PMI North American congress on topics such as Leadership and Sales & Marketing. She is currently authoring several books on project management.

Key Industries: Telecommunications, Banking & Finance


Liz Goodman B.Sc (Hons), Dip Lib PMP

Liz has a proven track record in the delivery of multi million pound strategic business change projects and programs, in over fifty countries. For the past five years she has specialized in recovery projects, including supplier management. Liz is an accomplished, and noted PMI author and presenter both in Europe and the US at national and international Congresses


Dr Patricia Henry

Patricia specialises in on-line development of toolkits, and on-line mentoring. She has a track record in the successful delivery of over fifty multi million dollar strategic programs in over twenty countries. She was featured in Financial Times for successful delivery of a Global Telecommunications Program Management Process, using Online Project Toolkits which she developed. She received the CEO Award for excellence in customer service and cost reductions.

Key Industries: Telecommunications, US Government education sector, Transportation


Robert Waddilove I.Eng MIIE

Robert has over 20 years experience in the IT industry and has worked in the UK, Europe and the USA where he has gained significant experience in support management, service management and project management working for small companies to large multinationals. Over the last 6 years Robert has been working as an independent IT consultant specialising in project management and implementation strategies to blue chip companies.

Specialisation: project assurance, technical project delivery, service management and support

Industries: manufacturing; telecommunications; IT consultancy, defence

Solutions provided: moved data centre from UK to USA, delivering high performance access for the Far East and Australia and saving the company several million pounds in benefits