Kickstart your project

Many projects run into trouble as a result of how they were started: poor project planning, lack of collective engagement with the team, a project plan produced on a one to one basis or in isolation by the project manger.

Setting your project off to a good start is essential for a successful outcome. RPR has developed a proven process and technique that has been deployed across many leading organisations. The Rapid Project Development (RPD)© simple two step process and technique for starting your project will:

  • Rapidly produce an integrated strategy and plan, including identifying the milestones, deliverables and activities
  • Build the team collectively from the onset encouraging ownership and accountability
  • Align suppliers, and ensure accountability and collaboration
  • Confirm resource requirements and costs
  • Flush out relevant risks and issues

Relevant templates and toolkits

Step 2 - Conversion

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This toolkit will take you through, how to rapidly produce recognizable project deliverables, from the output of RPD Step 1, as well has how to continue to build your team and manage senior management expectations.


Step 1 - RPD Workshop

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Kick start your project off on the right foot. Learn how to mobilize your team, rapidly deliver the strategy, plan, deliverables and key milestones. Flush out your risks and issues, build the investment case and critically build your team from the onset.