Organisational Culture....

Communication, Communication and collaboration and yet silo working seems to be endemic on projects with its resultant side effects of part information, divided teams and team members, frustration and ultimately poor performing teams. The culprit - the programme or project manager.

Silo working manifests itself in many forms from poor project planning, either inadvertent or deliberate, passing information down in bits or just generally project managers who should be back room boys and not project managers. Projects with poor sponsors can go along way, but poor performing teams …well you just need to reflect on the performance by the English team in the world cup and that is your result, you are not going to go very far as teams become demotivated and seek work elsewhere….even in today's tough climate.

Although no excuse one of the underlying influencers of this predilection is the organisational culture. It should not be underestimated just how much of an impact organisational culture has on the health, well being and positivity of a project manager and ultimately a team.

Are we alone in this observation…or is a common experience... .

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