Rapid Team Building ...PMI Dallas 2011

Many years ago I was fortunate enough to be lectured at the Henley Business School by Robert Graham, who was an educator and wrote the book ‘ Project Management As If People Mattered’.

 Over the course of my many years in project management, I have found that you can go a long way on a project with poor sponsorship, but absolutely no where with a de-motivated  team, or a team whose members are working in silos…..you only have to look at the England football team at the 2010 World Cup !. 

So often on a troubled project a blame culture has developed, resulting in everyone being on the defensive, trust destroyed and team members leaving, going sick and taking the vital knowledge with them. The situation is often exacerbated as a turnaround solution is sought through ‘ common options’ such as adding new resources, crashing activities and micro management from the hoards of senior stakeholders who descend onto the project.

 At the heart of the RPD process and technique, and the ‘ Three Easy Steps to Recovering Your Project’  paper we are presenting at this years PMI US Congress in Dallas is the focus on the rapid rebuilding of the team, from the beginning of the recovery.   

The RPD workshop (part of the process) is central to this re-building taking people from the self protective to problem solving and finally to collaboration. The RPD workshop has always delivered results.

 We will be delivering this lecture on Monday 24thOctober at the PMI Congress in Dallas, so do let us know if you are going to be there…or better still come and meet us.