Rapidly Recover Your Project

The reasons why projects fail are well documented. Knowing how to approach and rapidly put one back on track can mean the difference between success and failure for you as well as the project. Traditionally the recovery of troubled projects has been undertaken by external consultants at the expense of the project manager.

RPR has over the years honed and successfully deployed a three step process known as the Rapid Project Development (RPD) © technique. This simple process will rapidly deliver:

  • A recovery strategy
  • A Recovery plan
  • Align and build  a high performing recovery project team
  • Enable you to rapidly report back to your senior management

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Relevant templates and toolkits

Step 3 - Restoration

Toolkit image

The final step in the RPD recovery process. Find out how to rapidly convert the output from the RPD workshop into recognizable project materials, continue building the team and manage and align the senior stakeholders.


Step 2 - RPD Workshop

Toolkit Image

At the core of the RPD recovery process. Learn how to rapidly deliver a recovery strategy and plan, identify the risks and issues, resources required and critically build the team, ensuring accountability and alignment.


Step 1 - Rapid Analysis

Toolkit Product image

The start point of the RPD recovery process. Understand how to rapidly identify the issues that are causing problems through the RPD Rapid Analysis process and technique in a few days.