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RPR knows how difficult it can be to keep your skills fresh, and to find time in a hectic work schedule. RPR therefore brings to you, at your convenience:

  • Affordable Quality Audio Training
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Our computer based training packages are designed to provide you with relevant, practical solutions which can be applied immediately, thereby equipping you with approaches and the necessary soft skills that you need to be successful.

In the first instance we bring to you our unique and exclusive recovery course, using the Rapid Project Development (RPD) © process and technique.

Our library of course will continue to grow. If you would like advance notice of the new courses then register your request under Contact Us.

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CBT Course 1: Rapid Recovery of Troubled Projects


This course will empower you to rapidly recover your project and put it back on track, using the RPD three step process and technique. The course will provide you with the knowledge and practical skills to help you rapidly deliver a recovery strategy & plan, build your team and manage the senior stakeholders.

Course Topics will include:

1. Module 1

  • Approaches to Recovery
  • Characteristics of Troubled projects
  • RPD approach

2. Module 2

  • Step 1: Rapid Project Analysis
  • Step 2: Rapid Project Development Workshop for Recovery
  • Step 3: Restoration
  • Project management skills

3. Module 3

Real Case study example and the practical application of RPD for Recovery